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Our scope of services goes well beyond simply filling E-Rate applications. We’re actively involved in the entire process, from strategic analysis of your institution’s funding trends to understanding your technology and communications goals, while also ensuring that all deadlines are met consistently, completely and accurately. Our E-rate team focuses on understanding the needs of our clients and helping them effectively utilize the E-Rate program managed by the schools and Libraries Division of the Universal Service Administration Company (USAC). We manage and monitor the application process so that our clients don’t have to.

E-Rate Compliance Services

• Stay Up to Date on All Program Changes, such as the 2016 Modernization Order

• Understand the Technology Needs of a School Districts and Identify Opportunities that May Save Money on Telecommunication and internet Service

• Identify all E-Rate Funding

• Complete All Application Forms, Filings and Required Correspondence

• Manage, File and Store All Relevant Paperwork Associated with your Application

• Become the Point of Contact for All Reviews, Audits and Appeals

• Answer all program Integrity Assurance 9PIA) QUESTIONS

• Prepare and file SLD and FCC Appeals

• Review Free & Reduced Figures and Provide Guidance to Maximize E-Rate Discounts

• Answer Compliance Questions and Eligibility Issues

• Prepare and Follow-up with Service Substitutions, and SPIN Number Changes

• Answer Questions Concerning E-Rate Policies

• Review Applications

Our goal is to become your E-Rate compliance partner while also allowing school districts to completely outsource the E-Rate application process. Without adding to your overhead, PDS E-Rate becomes an extension of your team and gives you the dedication of seasoned E-Rate consulting specialists.