Child Support Benefit This is not to be considered insurance. Educate Yourself on the Child Support Benefit Plan
How Can I Enroll in the Child Support Benefit Plan? The Child Support Benefit Plan is a Financial Safety Net; please contact PDS for a quote. You'll get to talk with one of our Benefit Professionals on how to protect your financial future with Child Support Benefit. We live in uncertain economic times. If you should become involuntary unemployed, how do you ensure your child support will be paid? “Involuntary Employment” means that you suffer loss of salary and wages. Don’t lose your driver’s license, get behind in your child support payments, suffer bad credit rating or become incarcerated, lien against auto registration, lose your business license. Child Support Benefit Plan will provide up to three months of child support payments if you should be unexpectedly laid off, terminated, lockout, general strike or unionized labor dispute from your job.
Common Questions About the Child Support Benefit Plan "How can I collect on my child support benefits if I quit my job?" Unfortunately, you are not eligible for Child Support Benefit Plan to pay out, if you are jobless as a result of mandatory retirement, resignation, or are dismissed as a result of misconduct or criminal activities. Note: You must be employed 6 months prior to enrolling into the Child Support Benefit Plan "Can I purchase this Child Support Benefit Plan if I'm self-employed?" If you are self-employed or own more than 10% of the company that employs you then typically you are not eligible for the this type of plan. "When does my Child Support Benefit Plan start making payments?” 30 days after you have been laid off or terminated your benefits will begin. “Will I be receiving the payments from my child support benefit plan?" Payments will be paid directly to the child support enforcement. “Does my Benefit Plan cover arrears child support?” Unfortunately, arrears are not covered. Child support Benefit Plan (CSBP) only covers future child support obligation payments. Is the Child Support Benefit Plan Right for Me? During tough economic times where jobs are cut every day, it is wise to financially provide for an uncertain future. Child Support Benefit Plan will give you the peace of mind that should prevent costly expense to go unpaid. So talk to PDS, INC. Benefit agent today about the Child Support Benefit Plan. How Can I Get the Child Support Benefit Plan? Because Child Support Benefit Plan is actually a SAFETY NET, your best bet is calling us for a competitive quote. You'll get to talk with one of our professionals on how to protect your financial future with Child Support Benefit Plan. . Providing Essential Job Skills For Individuals to Safely Re-Enter Society We Provide Effective Job Training For Ex-Felons
Our proven eight-week training program gives reformed citizens the expertise needed to enter the workplace. In addition to job and interview skills, we offer a mentoring program to support people once employment is secured. If you were recently released from prison and need support learning important job skills, ask about our training programs. (573)462-6080  About Us Professional Development Services, Inc., in Sikeston, Missouri, is a nonprofit organization that specializes in job training for ex-felons recently released from prison. We teach essential employment skills that the average person takes for granted. We also help individuals build new value systems, so they can integrate back into the community. Our organization is singular since we grew out of a pilot program. In 2011, we performed a 10-week strategic study in a small community to discover what type of support ex-felons need when re-entering the working world. Due to a lack of important skill sets, it became clear that recently incarcerated people had more trouble finding work than the average job seeker. Dedicated to the success of ex-felons since 2013, Professional Development Services, Inc., is an approved Access to Recovery (ATR) program that helps people find a steady income through meaningful work. Our services also help reduce state taxes, since fees for incarcerating one person are more than $26,000 annually. Mission Statement You have the capacity to change; you just need a chance. Vision Statement Our mistakes do not define who we are. People can change what they do, if they change how they do it. Contact Thank you for your interest. Please reach out with questions or comments using the information below. We look forward to hearing from you. Phones (573) 462-6080(Office) (800) 269-9319 (Alternate) Hours of Operation Monday–Friday, 8:00 a.m.–7:30 p.m. Customer Contact Hours Emergency Service, 24 Hours a Day, 7 Days a Week Address 400 S. Broadway Poplar Bluff, MO 63902 Service Area Sikeston, MO, and Surrounding Areas Our Eight-Week Training Program Covers Interviewing and Soft Skills Professional Development Services, Inc., in Sikeston, Missouri, helps reformed citizens merge into society through our proven eight-week training program that includes job and interview skills. In addition to working directly with employers to find our clients suitable employment, our initiatives are approved by the Missouri Credentialing Board. Pivotal Training Programs The key to the successes of our clients comes from our eight-week training program. Individuals learn new skill sets, social skills, and the essentials of how to interview for a job. We teach them how to become employable as reformed individuals in the working world. Over the years, we've expanded our classes based on developing fields and to keep in step with the Internet age. An Uncommon Agency Though not a traditional staffing agency, we have direct relationships with employers who hire our clients. We talk with business owners about our clients to discuss their skills and how far they've come. We also vouch for their character and provide six months to one year of mentoring for new employees to give them the necessary support to be successful. Our clients can even come back to receive additional training as their job opportunities grow. We have many clients who have successfully found jobs in the corporate world, thanks to our innovative support system. Employment Staffing Who we are? Professional Development Services, Inc, the premier, programs, and training services. PDS has revolutionized the employment and temporary agency business. PDS Employment offers and provides you with the best trained employees; we don’t pull our employees off the streets to fill positions, unlike our competitors. We train our employees for a career employment opportunity with established and growing companies/organizations. Our employees attend an eight week training program prior to being placed in any employment position with our clients. We believe a well-trained employee makes a great fit for your company / organization industry. The most important skills to have in today’s workforce are soft skills. We train our employees to develop their soft skills to become productive in today’s workforce. These skills are very valuable to employers that are looking for disciplined employees. As I mentioned before, unlike our competitors, we will not send you individuals directly from the streets just to fill your positions. During the 8 weeks of training, we can determine the Emotional Intelligence of each candidate. There are various characters we look for in each individual; class participation, arriving to class on time, getting along with others in the class room and meeting the expectation of the program: communicating, listening networking and respecting authority. D. Martin, Sr. Services we offer along with the training classes 10 Soft Skills You Need Administrative Office Procedures (Available 12/1/2015) Administrative Support Anger Management Appreciative Inquiry Assertiveness And Self-Confidence Attention Management Basic Bookkeeping Being A Likeable Boss Body Language Basics Budgets And Financial Reports Business Acumen Business Ethics Business Etiquette Business Succession Planning Business Writing Call Center Training Change Management Civility In The Workplace Coaching And Mentoring Collaborative Business Writing Communication Strategies Conducting Annual Employee Reviews (Available 3/1/2016) Conflict Resolution Creating a Great Webinar Creative Problem Solving Critical Thinking Customer Service Delivering Constructive Criticism Developing a Lunch and Learn Developing Corporate Behavior Developing Creativity Developing New Managers Digital Citizenship Emotional Intelligence Employee Motivation Employee Onboarding Employee Recognition Employee Recruitment Employee Termination Processes (Available 6/1/2016) Entrepreneurship Event Planning Executive and Personal Assistants Facilitation Skills Generation Gaps Goal Setting and Getting Things Done Handling a Difficult Customer Health and Wellness at Work High Performance Teams (Inside the Company) (Available 4/1/2016) High Performance Teams (Remote Workforce) (Available 7/1/2016) Hiring Strategies Human Resource Management Improving Mindfulness Improving Self-Awareness Increasing Your Happiness Internet Marketing Fundamentals Interpersonal Skills Job Search Skills Knowledge Management Leadership And Influence Lean Process And Six Sigma Life Coaching Essentials (Available 9/1/2016) Manager Management Managing Workplace Anxiety Marketing Basics Measuring Results From Training Media And Public Relations Meeting Management Middle Manager Millennial Onboarding mLearning Essentials (Available 1/1/2016) Motivating Your Sales Team Multi-Level Marketing (Available 8/1/2016)

Negotiation Skills

Networking (Outside the Company)

(Available 5/1/2016)

Networking Within the Company

Office Politics For Managers

Organizational Skills

Overcoming Sales Objections

Performance Management

Personal Branding

Personal Productivity

Presentation Skills

Project Management

Proposal Writing

Prospecting and Lead Generation

(Available 2/1/2016)

Public Speaking

Risk Assessment and Management

Safety In The Workplace

Sales Fundamentals

Social Intelligence

Social Learning

Social Media In The Workplace

Stress Management

Supervising Others

Supply Chain Management

Talent Management

Team Building For Managers Teamwork And Team Building

Telephone Etiquette

(Available 10/1/2015)

Telework And Telecommuting

Time Management

Trade Show Staff Training


Virtual Team Building And Management

Women in Leadership

(Available 11/1/2015)

Work-Life Balance

Workplace Diversity

Workplace Harassment

Workplace Violence




Child Support Benefit Plan Application I authorize payroll deduction to be paid directly to Professional Development Services, Inc. for the Child Support Benefit Plan. Cancellation of the Child Support Benefit Plan must be in writing 30 days prior to next payroll deduction. Falsified information on application will be subject to cancellation. All Child Support payments are paid directly to Child Support Enforcement Agency. Payments will start when verification of employment lay off, terminated or proof is provided by employer.










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